Gearing Up For Battle!

Zack with Ax

Well, I did some more extensive research on existing products and after much digging I came across one that is similar to mine. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I’m not sure why. I mean, as usual, every time I think I’m being original there’s at least a billion others brewing up the same thing. Anyways, my first reaction, was “%@#$’n *@#$ motherless $%&*@#$ of a #@$%@#@ – maybe I should choose one of my other ideas from the pile”. Then I realized that once again, I was weaseling out of an idea. So, I slapped myself out of it and fought back the resistance. “Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off!” – First Blood.

In my preliminary research I found products that were semi-similar to mine but still pretty distant. This one is much closer to a head-2-head battle. Mine is still plenty differentiated and clearly better :), but to a lesser extent. After further testing and review of this unnamed persons unnamed application, I found it doesn’t do many of the core functions mine will. While his is ok at doing some of what I’m going for, mine will be AWESOME at doing all of it! While his is convoluted and buggy, mine will be lean, sexy, easy and fun to use. It will embrace all that is Web 2.0, I will be sure to keep it as simple and clear as possible, and you’re gonna love it!

So, all this means is I now have an enemy and it’s time to go to war! This is actually a good thing, because it gives me focus. I now have a bizzaro-Zack to differentiate against and better fit the needs of the market.

Sometimes the best way to know what your app should be is to know what it shouldn’t be. Figure out your app’s enemy and you’ll shine a light on where you need to go.

Getting Real by 37signals

I made a list of the pros and cons of his application and am now ready to draw up my prototype. Hopefully, that will be done today and I can move on to copy-writing it and getting it ready for the designer to take over. Who I still have to select and hire by the way.

It’s all work and no play for me :).




It would seem that you’re pretty much the only competition for this other person (based on what you’ve found), which is, generally speaking, the driving force for our economy……so then, what kinda race would this be if there was only one runner!? You’ve got a driving force for improvement, but then again, so will they soon enough.

Zack Jenks

Good point JJ! Competition is inevitable and good thing. Without competition we might all still be driving Black Model-T’s …or worse yet…using Internet Explorer 5.0 (oh the horror)

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