Lesson of the Week

I have decided to start posting the single most important lesson I learn each week to this blog every Sunday. I will continue to post throughout the week on where I’m at, tips/tricks I pick up, and so forth, but these posts will be focused exclusively on lessons learned. I’m hoping they will prove useful to you in your endevors and keep you from making the same mistakes I do or help you to share in my successes as the case may be.

As I’ve mentioned in my business plan post, I’ll be attending the Oregon Small Business Fair this Saturday and am looking forward to the many workshops they’ll be offering. These ones, especially, caught my eye:

  • Home business … home office … tax issues
  • Web site magic
  • Marketing your small business
  • How to advertise your business
  • Controlling your advisers
  • E-commerce
  • How do I turn my dream into reality?

Now, these are only 1 hour workshops mind you, so I’m certainly not expecting to walk away an expert, but just to pick up a few useful tidbits. Most of this I can learn online, so really the primary reason I’m going is to network and promote. It’s time to get out of the cube for a while and interact with the human race a little.

Be sure to check back on Sunday (and everyday in between of course) because the most important thing I learn at the fair (provided I learn anything), I’ll be sure to share with you.

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