Night Walks in Autumn

At last, Autumn is upon us! The air is crisp and refreshing, the temperature is perfect, colors are changing, all that crap. Maybe I’ll actually be able to get some work done without sweating to death. There’s no air conditioning in the den in my apartment and, with all the machines in there, it gets insanely hot.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this time of year is night walks. During the summer it’s way too hot and basically daytime out for good night walking, but now I can head out and the moon is up, temperature is nice and cool, and I can strut on down the road and clear my head. And when I’m not being honked at, barked at, or screamed at, it’s quite peaceful. Not only is it good exercise, it’s a nice escape from all the insanity and it helps me stay balanced. Basically, it’s a nice mini-vacation from work, technology, distractions, life, etc.

Video of Zack on Night Walk

Sometimes it’s hard for me to drop everything and go out for a walk, but it’s always well worth it. I come back with a refreshed outlook on things and ready to get back in the game. Most of my best idea’s were actually thought up on night walks (the other hot spots being in the shower, on my mountain bike, and lying in bed at night, but almost never in front of a computer). Getting away from all distractions and pressures of work, my brain just relaxes and lets down its guard a little, inviting some great ideas through the door.

How about you? How do you remove distractions and reboot your mind? Other than sleeping of course, which hopefully you do once in awhile.




I definately benefit from walking. Taking a break from distractions seems to clear my head and let me do some creative thinking. As a graduate student, I get bogged down with all the facts, but when I go for a walk…I’m able remove the knots in my brain and see the bigger picture, which saves time in the long run, and is a good motivator. So go get some fresh air, don’t stay stuffed in a box!


oddly enough, i get it while playing video games. ideas pop into my head and i just put down the joystick.

other than that, i’m honestly always trying to think up new ways to improve the lives of everyone.

although currently i can’t say i have any “best” ideas, otherwise i’d likely be watching a movie right now, eating cheetos in my robe, not worrying about what my boss is going to need me to do next.


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