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After researching the million different PHP frameworks that are available now, I’ve decided to use CakePHP for my app. This seems to be a relatively simple and powerful framework (similar to Ruby on Rails) that will help me write clean, manageable, and reusable code fairly quickly. I spent some time last weekend designing my database structure and the classes I think I’ll need, so it’s time to start writing some code.

This will be a bit trickier than usual because of what’s going on in my day job. I will be building a new web app at work using the Java programming language, which I haven’t used since my college days. This is my first major project at my “new” job and, hence, there is going to be a ton of learning to do in the upcoming weeks. At home, I will be using the PHP programming language (which I’m also a bit rusty in as I haven’t used it in a year or so) in a framework that is completely new to me. So I get to build two apps, side by side, in completely different environments. Hopefully I don’t start confusing the two and build mutants by mistake, which would then, naturally, destroy the earth.

My deadline for completing the rough draft of my appetizer is October 2nd. Now, assuming I am a magician on cocaine, this is certainly doable. I had planned on starting sooner but I keep getting sidetracked. There are so many business related things that are up in the air right now that it’s hard to stay focused. Attending the business fair last weekend only put more question marks in my head that won’t get the hell out. These are things I don’t need to worry about right now (office space, advertising, cash flow, etc.) because my main objective is to serve the appetizer. But the more I learn, the harder it is for me to stay focused. All this business knowledge is crowding my brain.

Needless to say I’ve been a tad overwhelmed this week. When starting a business for the first time, I think it’s tempting at the onset to think about all the things that must be done and analyze every single angle so you do everything just right…but be careful! You might just think yourself into calling it quits before you even get started. I think it’s better to try to focus on the 2 or 3 most pressing issues and forget the rest. I’m not saying develop tunnel vision completely, but it does you no good to overwhelm yourself by thinking about all 50 million things you have to get done and then losing focus and fumbling on the execution. Planning is good, obsessing is bad. I am definitely a good example of that this week.




My thoughts exactly. All the biz info you’re gathering scares me. I personally prefer to push that scary stuff off to the time when I really need it… that is, when my app is already successful, and I actually have money to be sued for.

In the meantime, I can focus on the tech. And BTW, if you’re going to be using a framework that you’re rusty with (PHP), why not just try a new one, like Ruby on Rails? I’m half way throught the Pragmatic book on RoR, and so far, it’s looks very decent (RoR, not the book). From someone who’s never done web or DB programming before, I’d recommend you take a look. This way, if your app doesn’t work out, you’ve still got an education! Education is never wasted.

Zack Jenks

I had considered switching to Ruby but decided to hold off for the time being. I may be a tad rusty in PHP but it’s configured on my server already and coming back to me fast. If I was to switch languagues, it would slow me down moreso than I already am…which I can’t afford right now. I’d prefer to try out Ruby when I’m less time crunched.

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