Hotmail Must Die!!!

Why must hotmail suck??? I’ve spent the last few hours trying to get them to accept emails from my application and am on the verge of mental breakdown! Sometimes it lets them through and other times it rejects them without any explanation. I can’t seem to find anything that resembles rational behavior what so ever. Seems to me they are using some sort of robot/algorithm on crack that scan’s subject/message/sender for god knows what and then just randomly selects who can pass. Gmail and Yahoo don’t seem to have a problem, so why you gotta be like this Hotmail? Is it because you suck? Is that why?

At this rate I may just have to deny Hotmail users all together and possibly even call them names while I’m at it. Just kidding, of course, but if you do use Hotmail, make the switch to Gmail or Yahoo today! Hotmail is slow, convoluted, ancient, and utter crap in my book. Take it from me, an ex-hotmail user, it sucks. These days I only use mine as a spam trap and even then I run into problems as some apps don’t accept Hotmail addresses when registering. Hmmm…wonder why? Switch to Gmail and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The sun will shine brighter, food will taste better, music will sound better, people will respect you more, it’s quite nice!

Plus, you’ll be able to use my appetizer worry free. If only everybody would make the switch right now, that would sure save me some time. But, as usual, the selfish world just won’t revolve around me, so I guess I’ll have to find a workaround.


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