A path of some resistance

I was just pondering some of my old jobs today and thought I’d share a few with you fine people. It’s interesting to reflect the work path that got me to where I’m at now. There have been some pretty worthwhile stops along the way but not so much to keep me from moving on. I’m positive there’s something better up ahead.

Farm Hand → House Keeper → Hayer → Car Cleaner → Seed Sacker → Forklift Operator → Train Operator → Lumber Grader → Coach Builder → Gas Attendant → Bullet Inspector → Customer Relationship Associate → Ranch Hand → Database Wizard → Desktop Support Specialist → Web Developer → X

What comes next I wonder?

Wait, does that say “10 days until I launch”?!?

Huh, how ’bout that? It turns out X = Heart Attack Victim!



Sara Wilson

Excuse, and what you think concerning forthcoming elections?


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