November Milestones

For those who are curious, this is my current plan of action. These are only the bare essentials that need to be complete prior to launch. This is clearly a very aggressive timeline, but I think it’s doable. Many of my todo items (and I do mean many) have been pushed until after the “go live” date in order to meet the deadline. Trademark isn’t necessarily a necessity but I left it on there nevertheless.

Appetizer Timeline




All Hail the mighty checklist. With deadlines galore I don’t envy you the work but the sense of satisfaction you’ll have in 22 days 1 hour and 52 minutes (as I write this)is something I most definitely will envy and hopefully the day to day checking of this site will continue to pay off in motivating me to get things done.

When will you be allowing beta test sign ups? I’ll even promise a massive review for launch day as well :D

Keep the faith!

Zack Jenks

Wow, a review would be very much appreciated Chris, thanks :). I wasn’t planning on doing any beta testing with this one, but I may reconsider if need be. What I had hoped was to have ample time to test it on my own (yeh right) and not push the testing to my users, but I am starting to reconsider this notion and it’s looking more and more likely. I’ll keep everyone posted if and when that happens.

Thanks for checking in regularly Chris, it’s good to have you here. If I help motivate you in any way, that’s great, that’s what this blog is all about! Good luck on your venture.

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