What The Heck Is GrapeShow?

As promised, it is time to reveal what GrapeShow is all about. To sum it up in two words: Video Contests.

These would be very creative contests mind you with exciting prizes and connected video. It’s sort of like YouTube meets Google Maps meets Worth1000.

Below is the original about page I wrote for it some time ago. I have also written a help page, a sponsor page, and a winner’s guide.


GrapeShow was conceived and built by Zack Jenks and designed by Scott Wills. It is the first of what Zack hopes to be many exciting web apps from his new start-up. We officially launched the show on November 28th, 2006, just minutes before Zack’s 30th birthday. The build process resembled something out of the hit show “American Chopper” as we worked very long hours and struggled to make our launch date. In the end though, just like the TV show, we pulled it off. We are currently based in a cozy little apartment in Portland, Oregon USA.

The application was built around one very simple idea: everyone has a story to tell and every story is in some way connected. We wanted to demonstrate that in a fun and entertaining way. It began as a simple Neverending Story contest and grew from there. Our ambitious goal is to connect the world’s Grapes (videos) to one another using our unique blend of Vines (contests). Here your Grapes compete against a bunch of grapes to be part of the timeless Grapevine.

We want to reward our users as much as possible in the process. The application is community driven and keeping you, the heart and soul, happy is our number one priority. There are many reasons why we think you will love GrapeShow and want to be a part of it; here are just a few:

1. You can win money and other cool prizes.
2. We pride ourselves on having creative contests that allow you to compete and connect.
3. You are the writer, director, and star!
4. It’s like tagging with videos, a reverse mash-up, playing video scrabble, watching a choose your own adventure, joining hands across the world (w/ video). Whatever your take, it’s a lot of fun!
5. You might learn something in the process.
6. And, the Grapevine is calling your name.

So register today. It’s free, fast, easy and allows you to take advantage of this site’s full potential. You can check out our help page for assistance getting started. Also, for more information about the building of GrapeShow, check out our blog, Something Ventured. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please let us know.

Bon Appetite!

So there you have it. What do you think? In future posts, I’ll show you a screenshot or two of where we left off with the home page as well as the possibility of a design contest? So stay tuned.

To get a better idea of what this app is, take a look at the aforementioned Help Page. There is alot more to it than what’s described in the About script above. Here’s one of the sections that sums up how GrapeShow is different:

So how is this site different from any other video hosting site?

Well, first of all, we’re not a video hosting site per say. We specialize in contests and bringing video together around a common theme or purpose. You can’t just submit video to us, you need to submit it with a purpose in mind and ready to compete with fellow videographers/editors to achieve that purpose. The videos on GrapeShow are not standalone products they are each part of something bigger, the Grapevine they competed for and/or the Bunch of Grapes they competed against. Whereas most video hosting sites are about a place to store your videos online, we are about connecting them. You could say that we’re where your videos come to connect and compete with one another, away from home.




Hmmm…interesting idea. Not quite what I expected, but it doesn’t totally suck!




While I haven’t had a chance to review your idea as thoroughly as I would like, it is a great and well developed idea. I hope that you have started pushing it to the market, because the market will tell you what adjustments you may have to make.

My First Impression Promotional Ideas

I know that you have your own ideas about how to promote GrapeShow, but I would push if directly at preteens and teens (really! I wouldn’t worry about any other demographic at this time.) at the beginning. These are early adopters (They get excited about new ideas fast) who will try anything and give you early feedback. Develop a relationship with them. Promote it everywhere they are. Create a Myspace page. Make adjustments rapidly before it makes it’s way up to older, more serious users. The ideas are trifold:

1. Develop a rapid critical mass of users.
2. Work out the kinks with forgiving users who will be honest with you.
3. Create early viral marketing. If it catches on fire, it will find it’s way right up the age and quality range.

This is very exciting. Please continue to keep me informed. Are you currently seeking investors?


I do so love this idea! If I knew more about video it would be even cooler! LOL I would definately visit it to see what others come up with though! *Breaks out in song…Cumbiya*
Way to go Z!


Thanks for the feedback Rubin. I hadn’t actually planned on targeting the teenie-boppers, but I think you make some excellent points and I may have to consider re-considering that :). I’m not currently ACTIVELY seeking investors, no, but if one showed up on my doorstep I would most definitely invite him/her in…and then rob him/her!

Thanks Lakira! Yep, there will be plenty to do for those who do not wish to submit video’s of their own. You can come up with new contest ideas, rate videos, leave comments, earn Grapebucks and buy stuff, or just kick back and enjoy the show ;).


Good idea Z, if you can come up with something like that……it’s possible there be no bound to your creative genius…..good luck w/ future ones.

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